DAX Wave and Groom vaha 100ml 3,50€+alv

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Voimakaspitoinen vaha. Antaa kevyen kiillon, sopii erityisesti lyhyille hiuksille, tuo luonollisen lainekkuuden esille. Loistava valinta myös parroille! 100ml.
4.20 EUR
Dax Wave and Groom, or simply Red Dax as it has been called, was the wax that took the market by storm when it was launched. What made it popular was its unique ability to do what no other wax could, uncompromising styling. It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to achieve, spikes, slicked, waves, messy or standing, Dax does the job. This is exactly why it became the best selling wax of its time at the same time as it both brought fame and infamy to the product. »» 100 ml