Kepro The Gold Mask -kasvonaamio 50 ml 8,75€+ALV

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Kepro The Gold Mask -kasvonaamion sisältämä Anti-stress vaikutus tuo väsyneelle iholle uutta energiaa edesauttaen sen luonnollista uudistumisprosessia. 50ml.
10.50 EUR
Antiage mask, helped by the skin´s Natural regeneration process, proovides a pleasant uplifting sensation to stressed skin. Continual use may improve the skin´s appearance making it appear to be more toned, uniform and bright. Instructions for use: Gold mask is very quick and simple to use as it turns into a film that is easy to peel off. STEP 1. Apply the mask on the entire face with the exception of the eyes, areas with downy hair or with open wounds. STEP 2: Leave for about 30 minutes to allow the functional ingredients of the mask to work. After this time, the Gold Mask will have solidified forming an elastic film which is easily removed. STEP 3: remove the mask and gently wipe away any residues with lukewarm water. Initial results soon be noticeable: skin looks smooth and regenerated.