Make-Up Brushes SET 7kpl 11,90€+alv

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Excellent quality brushes made ​​from natural hair soft and well contoured shape. Type of hair has been matched to the type of brush. All set for a comfortable, long and light handles made ​​of natural wood with the company logo. The kit includes brushes: brushes for powder brush flat, oval. Used for application of loose or pressed powder. It is most often a brush, which facilitates the application of powder to surfaces of the face. Brushes for blush is smaller than face powder. Limited mainly to the application of powder blush or bronzer on cheekbones. Brush Eye Shadow Flat, rounded brush is used to apply eye shadow on the lid. Its size is adjusted to the surface of the eyelid. Very istostną thing is rounded brush tips so that evenly distribute shadows in the natural curvature of the eye socket. Brush beheaded allows for modeling and shading shape of the eye. Brush your mouth thin soft brush facilitates application of lipstick on her lips. Spiral eyelash spirals we put ink on eyelashes. Spiral should be cleaned after each use, if we do not ink to dry and will remain lumps between the hairs spirals.
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