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Sibel Black Mask kasvonaamio 100ml 14,90€+ALV

Sibel Black Mask-kasvonaamio syväpuhdistaa ihohuokoset vähentäen talin tuotantoa ihonpinalla, jonka ansiosta se vähentää uusien finnien ja mustapäiden muodostumista. Luonnolisten ja rauhoittavien kasvisuutteiden ansiota kasvonaamio auttaa ihoa säilyttämään sen luonnollisen kosteustasapainon. Koe kauniimpi ja heleampi iho jo ensimmaisen käyttökerran jälkeen. 100ml.
23.88 EUR
17.88 EUR

The Black Mask is a excellent black mask for removing blackheads, pimples, acne and to counteract the first signs of agening. The benefical effects of The Black Mask will be seen right from its first application and in particular after a complete cycle of applications (one month). This is due to its high content of anti-inflammatory substances and soothing properties which deep-clean the skin making it luminous and bright. It stimulates cell regeneration, promotes oxygenation and removes the excess sebum and impurities, leaving the skin soft and smooth. Thanks to the combined actionof all these elements, The Black Mask is recommended to counter all types of skin imperfections. How to use the mask: The Black Mask is very quick and easy to use as it turns into a film that can be removed easily. STEP 1: Apply the mas evenly to the entire face, except around the eye contours, areas with downy hair or on open wounds. STEP 2: Leave for about 30 minutes so that the active ingredients of the mask penetrate deep into the skin. After 30 minutes, the Black Mask will have solidified, forming an elastic film that can be easily removed. STEP 3: Remove the mask and gently remove any residues with lukewarm water. The initial results will be seen immediately: your skin looks smooth and regenerated.
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